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The ANSPs coordination within IDSG project involves a number of activities designed to support the wider work of the IDSG, all of which are in support of broader SESAR deployment. ANSPs coordination within IDSG is structured into 3 main projects, with an overarching project management role.

Activity 1: Project Management (led by ENAV)

Activity 1 provides support, integration and coordination for all the activities the IDSG ANSPs carry out within the overall project. This includes ensuring the progress of activities within appropriate timescales, costs and to expected quality standards.

Activity 2: Support to the IDP definition and maintenance (led by ENAV)

Activity 2 provides support to the IDSG in the definition and maintenance of the Interim Deployment Programme (IDP), through the provision of a coordinated and synchronised input on behalf of all the ANSPs involved in the project, as well as their respective FABs. This will support the process of gathering scheduled contributions by ANSPs in a consistent format and will ensure there is a central repository for specific information related to deployment activities, providing a focal point for IDP related information.

Activity 3: Support to the IDP execution (led by NATS)

Activity 3 supports the IDSG in the management and execution of the IDP. This involves issuing targeted recommendations to the relevant decision-making bodies (primarily IDSG) to reduce the gap between actual and expected deployment of the IDP; providing synchronized contributions to the IDSG to ensure close coordination between all relevant stakeholders on key appropriate activities; and to raise awareness of the importance of coordinated SESAR deployment across stakeholders.

Activity 4: Support to IDP monitoring and reporting (led by DFS)

Activity 4 provides support to the IDSG in monitoring the execution of the Interim Deployment Programme, in order to highlight any gaps between the actual and expected scenario. This involves supporting the IDSG through effective data collection and providing detailed information on ANSP progress in deploying the IDP. This activity also involves monitoring the impact of recommendations issued as per Activity 3.

ANSP coordination within IDSG

The ANSPs coordination within the Interim Deployment Steering Group (IDSG) has been set up to help guide the implementation activities of SESAR – the Single European Sky ATM Research programme – and help manage the transition from development to deployment.

ANSPs coordination within IDSG will help to prioritise projects for deployment and provide valuable information to the European Commission and Single Sky Committee, ensuring a synchronised and consistent supply of information from ANSPs.

ANSP coordination within IDSG is co-funded by TEN-T.

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