The ANSPs coordination within the Interim Deployment Steering Group (IDSG) has a crucial role to play in delivering the European Commission’s ambition for a Single European Sky (SES). ANSPs are at the heart of the EC’s Single European Sky ATM Research programme (SESAR) and are working together to ensure coordinated deployment through the IDSG, facilitating the deployment of SESAR.

The IDSG has been established to steer the early implementation of essential SESAR deployments, delivering benefits to the air transport industry and users at the earliest opportunity. It also has a vital role to play in facilitating the transition from the development to deployment phase of SESAR, acting as a test bed prior to the establishment of a permanent Deployment Manager.

SESAR represents the technological component of the SES initiative. SESAR’s aim is to ensure that European airspace is controlled even more safely and efficiently, with minimal delay and with fewer emissions – reducing costs and improving performance.

Coordination of the ANSPs within IDSG will help to ensure timely and coordinated implementation of ATM activities across Europe, particularly those which require synchronization at the network level, paving the way for broader deployment of SESAR. ANSPs, together with the wider ATM industry, are at the core of determining the deployment roadmap for SESAR. By bringing ANSPs together to enhance coordination, ANSPs coordination within IDSG has a major role to play in driving SESAR deployment.

From development to deployment

In order to realise the benefits of SESAR, a smooth transition from the current development phase of this programme to the next, deployment phase is vital. A permanent Deployment Manager – designed to oversee and manage the deployment of SESAR across the European aviation industry – is scheduled to be appointed by 2014.

However, the Communication from the EC on the Governance and incentive mechanisms for the deployment of SESAR (COM(2011) 923 final) set out the need for an interim arrangement in order to avoid delayed or unsynchronized deployment in the critical period preceding the establishment of the Deployment Manager. The IDSG has been set up to meet this need and ensure an effective transition from the deployment to delivery phase.

The central task of the IDSG is to guide, coordinate and monitor short term implementation activities on the basis of an Interim Deployment Programme (IDP), which is aligned to the ambitions of SESAR and the European ATM Master Plan. It will have a key role in ensuring that activities undertaken through SESAR bring tangible benefits to the aviation industry as soon as possible, while also acting as a test bed prior to the establishment of the Deployment Manager. The ANSPs coordination within IDSG is an essential part of this process; ensuring that the ANSPs provide coordinated input to the IDSG, informing the Interim Deployment Programme and accelerating the deployment decision-making process.


While the ANSP coordination within IDSG is made up of ANSPs representing all of Europe’s Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs – for further information see http://www.eurocontrol.int/dossiers/fabs), the IDSG is comprised of a range of ATM operational stakeholders involved in SESAR. It includes ANSPs, Airspace Users, Airports, Militaries, the Network Manager, National Supervisory Authorities (NSAs), EASA, SESAR-Joint Undertaking (SJU), and the European Commission. The IDSG will remain active until the SESAR Deployment Manager is established and operating. The IDSG meets quarterly.

The IDSG is supported by an Expert Team (IDSG-ET), comprised of expert representatives from a cross section of the ATM operational stakeholder community and reflects the membership of the IDSG. The IDSG-ET meets monthly.

The IDSG and the IDSG-ET together are supported by the TEN-T funded ANSP Consortium, which provides ANSPs Coordination within the IDSG. The ANSPs meet monthly and as required to ensure adequate support is provided.


Launched by the European Commission in 2004, the Single European Sky (SES) is an ambitious initiative to restructure European airspace, create additional capacity and increase the overall efficiency of ATM. The Single European Sky ATM Research programme (SESAR) is the technological pillar of SES.

SESAR is developing technologies and procedures for a new-generation ATM network system designed to enhance performance by tripling the current capacity while improving safety by a factor of 10, reducing airline costs by 50% and cutting air transport’s impact on the environment by 10% per flight.

The coming years are critical for SESAR as it moves from the development phase to deployment, bringing into operation many of the technological and procedural innovations that have been pioneered under the SESAR programme.


SESAR is being delivered in three phases:

  • The Definition phase (2004-2008) delivered the ATM master plan defining the content, the development and deployment plans of the next generation of ATM systems. This phase was contracted by Eurocontrol and co-funded by the European Commission.
  • The Development phase (2009-2016) is producing the required new generation of technological systems, components and operational procedures defined in the European ATM Master Plan and SESAR Work Programme.
  • The Deployment phase (2014-2020) will see the large scale production and implementation of the new ATM infrastructure, with fully harmonised and interoperable components guaranteeing high performance air transport services in Europe. This phase will, in due course, be delivered by the Deployment Manager.

SESAR Timeline

IDSG has been set up to ensure an effective transition from the Development to the Deployment phase of SESAR and act as a test bed for the Deployment Manager. The current Pilot Common Project (PCP) will build on the deployment work of the IDSG and will be the launch pad for the Deployment Manager to be appointed by the EC in due course to oversee deployment of SESAR.

ANSP coordination within IDSG

The ANSPs coordination within the Interim Deployment Steering Group (IDSG) has been set up to help guide the implementation activities of SESAR – the Single European Sky ATM Research programme – and help manage the transition from development to deployment.

ANSPs coordination within IDSG will help to prioritise projects for deployment and provide valuable information to the European Commission and Single Sky Committee, ensuring a synchronised and consistent supply of information from ANSPs.

ANSP coordination within IDSG is co-funded by TEN-T.

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